Your Team

Your Team

When you choose to use Frontline Private Security, you are not just receiving an officer or the assets used at your site, you are receiving a comprehensive command structure filled with a broad range of experience including active law enforcement and military backgrounds.  You will also notice that we aren’t wearing suits and ties.  We wear tactical, law enforcement derived uniforms that add to your security presence when we are on your site.

Magnum Fogelstrom – Chief/Co-Owner

Magnum Fogelstrom is an experienced entrepreneur.  Prior to founding Frontline, he founded and operated a successful local business.  He founded Frontline Private Security with childhood friend Jacob Bettin in 2003.  His experience operating a small business makes him a vital asset to the day to day operations of Frontline Private Security.  As Co-Owner, Magnum manages and Directs Frontline Private Security to ensure successful operation including establishing short-term and long-term goals, policies, and procedures.  He developed the three principles and meets regularly with senior command staff to ensure they are being met.  He also manages operations processes including accounting, legal and human resources.

Jacob Bettin – Police Officer/Co-Owner

Jacob Bettin is a local active-duty Police Officer and is a Certified Nebraska Law Enforcement Officer.  He founded Frontline Private Security with childhood friend Magnum Fogelstrom in 2003.  His education in Criminal Justice combined with his experience and training as a local Police Officer allow him to provide a level of consultation to customers unlike any other company in the area.  As Co-Owner, Jacob provides overall company oversight from a law enforcement perspective specifically managing senior command staff and utilizes his law enforcement training and background to provide site specific consultation for each customer.

LT Tim Anderson – Director of Security

Tim Andersen is a retired Police Lieutenant with 22.5 years of service with the Omaha Police Department and is a certified Nebraska Law Enforcement Officer.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Tim was a member of the National Crime Prevention Association and received hundreds of hours of training including physical security of sites, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and critical incident response.  During his tenure with the Omaha Police Department, he managed  Officers and Supervisors in the Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigation Bureaus, Narcotics Unit, Special Operations Unit and the Mounted Patrol Unit.  Tim was also elected and served as the President of the Omaha Police Union.  Prior to his retirement, Tim served as the interim Captain of the Southwest Precinct.   He began his employment with Frontline Private Security as Director of Security for Midtown Crossing when The Lund Company Chose Frontline as the full-time security provider for Midtown Crossing in 2009.  As Director of Security, Tim ensures the customer’s security needs are met by managing a chain of command and the physical assets assigned to the site.  He also regularly consults and advises the customer based on his experience as a Police Officer.

Ryan Wullschleger – Director of Business Development

Ryan Wullschleger is an active Warrant Officer and Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot in the Nebraska National Guard.  He has 10 years of sales, marketing and customer relationship management experience outside of Frontline Private Security.  He has served in different part-time and full-time roles throughout Frontline since its inception.  His broad experience and long standing history with the company make him a valuable asset during the customer development and consultation process.  As Director of Business Development, Ryan is responsible for developing, managing, and following up on new business opportunities.


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