Off-Duty Police


Safety / security issues that arise need immediate attention.  Your own personal police officer will take care of a problem when it starts. They are able to use their training and daily experiences on the job to prevent or deescalate situations.  All off-duty Omaha Police officers carry the same portable radios used while at work.  This allows them to monitor calls in the area that may affect your property or call for assistance without delay when needed.  Frontline employs police officers and deputies who work the city of Omaha and Douglas County.  This allows them to work in their department issued uniforms, not security uniforms, which can mean the difference between resisting or complying with commands.


When a customer contracts for an “Armed Off-Duty Officer” they are expecting a local police officer with the uniform, training and equipment issued to them by their department.  Unfortunately, this is not always what our competitors provide.  Frontline Private Security employs a pool of 76 Armed Off-Duty Officers that are not only certified Nebraska Law Enforcement Officers, but also an Omaha Police Officer wearing the Omaha Police Uniform.

This is incredibly valuable to the customer for several reasons.  These officers wear the Omaha Police Uniform, not a T-Shirt/Generic Uniform with the word “police” on it as officers from other jurisdictions are required to wear.  These officers are trained and familiar with Omaha and since they work for the Omaha Police Department, many have working relationships with the officers that are currently on-duty in the area.  They also have a working relationship with the dispatch officers as well as a radio providing direct connection with dispatch and on-duty officers. It cannot be overstated how important this service is.

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