Roving Patrol

Roving Patrols are conducted using the same vehicles that local law enforcement agencies use, but are designed specifically for the private security world.  Our uniformed officers utilize mobile laptop computer with wireless internet connectivity, real-time GPS tracking, two way voice communications, police scanners, LED emergency lighting, police spotlights and light bar mounted takedown and alley lights to effectively patrol and report their findings directly to you.

Our roving patrol service provides you with the same uniformed officer and equipment you would receive for a full time security solution, but at a fraction of the cost.  The officer is shared between several sites which saves you money. The officer will spend 10-15 minutes on site during a standard patrol and can complete a vehicle patrol, foot patrol, door checks, lock checks, light checks, or any other services that would assist in creating a secure environment on your property.  All of this is included for around $7 per patrol.

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