Patrol Boats

Frontline has proven that visual presence on the water greatly reduces reckless behavior.  The equipment used on the water is a key element to this visual presence.  Frontline utilizes 16 foot Boston Whaler Dauntless Patrol Boats, the same type of boat used by local law enforcement to patrol the Missouri River and large recreational lakes in the area.  Boston Whaler is the premier law enforcement boat manufacturer.  They are engineered with a center steering console to allow the officer 360 degree viewing as well as access to the water from any position on the boat.  No matter the size of the lake, a Frontline Patrol Boat creates the visual presence necessary for a safe, fun boating experience.

Our Boat Patrol service is a great example of our ability to create or adapt a solution for each customer’s unique security and safety concerns.  Other companies have unsuccessfully attempted to provide a competitive solution to this and other services we offer.  This is just another way that Frontline shows its dedication to the safety and security of your property or business.

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