Frontline security solutions - Off-duty Police Officer

When safety issues arise, armed off-duty police officers are able to address them immediately. Your own personal police officer can prevent serious criminal activity or provide an on-the spot response to a situation. They respond on your behalf, using their professional training and daily experiences to guide them.

Our officers

Frontline employs police officers, deputies and troopers who work for the City of Omaha, Douglas County and other surrounding jurisdictions. These jurisdictional officers are typically indistinguishable from on-duty officers because they are allowed to work in their department-issued uniforms.

An active duty Omaha metro police officer co-owns and operates Frontline Private Security. This gives us direct access to the largest group of qualified armed off-duty police officers in Nebraska and Iowa.

All off duty Omaha metro Police Officers carry the same portable radios used while at work. These radios connect them directly to 911 dispatch. Your security officer can use their radio to monitor calls in the area that may affect your property or event and call for assistance without delay.

Access to off-duty police officers for hire starts with Frontline

None of the major agencies in the Omaha Metro and Council Bluffs area handle staffing or invoicing for personal or business needs. Agencies suggest vendors like us to handle these requests.


Ensuring the needs of the customer and community are met while protecting person and property from those who seek to harm by deploying dedicated security officers equipped with the same knowledge and the latest tools available in the law enforcement community.

Let Us Protect What Matters Most.