Frontline Private Security - unarmed security officers

Frontline’s unarmed security officers perform dedicated on-site patrols. The officers strive to create a positive uniformed presence for each of our customer’s unique needs. This approach promotes a safe and secure environment for everyone in the area.

Our unarmed security officers employ a customer service mindset while on patrol in order to encourage compliance should any issues arise. On-duty supervisors provide officer support services. They will respond to your location to train, assist, and assure your expectations are met.

Our Security Officers’ Technology

Our unarmed security officers utilize the latest technology and equipment available to law enforcement and the rest of the private security industry. A Frontline patrol can include marked cruisers with overhead lights, foot patrols, video surveillance solutions, and/or alternate vehicles.


Ensuring the needs of the customer and community are met while protecting person and property from those who seek to harm by deploying dedicated security officers equipped with the same knowledge and the latest tools available in the law enforcement community.

Let Us Protect What Matters Most.