Frontline security solutions - video surveillance and virtual guarding

Law enforcement officers require video-verified alarms in order to respond, making video surveillance a necessity in the Omaha metro area. Frontline Security offers video based intrusion alarms. These alarms record what triggered your system for law enforcement officers to review.

Customers can purchase or lease a video surveillance system through Frontline. Contact us today.

Frontline Private Security - omaha video surveillance

Solar Camera Surveillance

In most major cities in America, law enforcement officers are no longer responding to intrusion alarms from traditional (aka “blind”) alarm systems. In Omaha, officers require video surveillance to respond. Frontline is dedicated to the sales, installation, and monitoring of the newest technology in video and intrusion alarm systems in order to keep up with this changing trend.


Remote Camera Monitoring


Virtual guarding is the most effective way to ensure compliance. Frontline deploys these types of systems on construction sites, fenced storage areas, roof top HVAC units, and more. Once installed, we see dramatic decreases in criminal activity.


Construction Site Video Surveillance


Ensuring the needs of the customer and community are met while protecting person and property from those who seek to harm by deploying dedicated security officers equipped with the same knowledge and the latest tools available in the law enforcement community.

Let Us Protect What Matters Most.