Security Officer at Special Event

Customers have a wide range of events, which require a wide range of special event security solutions.

Types of special event security

Frontline has managed security at events, both large and small, around the Omaha metro area for over 20 years. Some of the most requested events that we’ve covered include:

  • fire watch
  • hostile terminations
  • difficult evictions
  • video productions
  • event hall management
  • concerts
  • other large or small events

Threats change over time, and Frontline and our officers stay on top of them as they come. Over the two decades that we’ve been in business, we’ve managed events through changing local and national threats. We are the right choice for your event security because we will continue to remain current as they evolve in the future.

Plan your special event security today

Every special event security need requires a special, unique approach. Talk with us about your requirements and we’ll get the right level of protection into place.


Ensuring the needs of the customer and community are met while protecting person and property from those who seek to harm by deploying dedicated security officers equipped with the same knowledge and the latest tools available in the law enforcement community.

Let Us Protect What Matters Most.